Marbella’s The luxury KARL LAGERFELD VILLAS live in perfect harmony with the natural, geographical, and cultural identity that surrounds them.
Reflecting Karl Lagerfeld’s own vision, the organic yet rational architecture bends and twists to offer breathtaking points of view, across a total area of nearly 10,000 square meters. Each bespoke residence is built to shimmer like a faceted gem as it reflects the environment, and the large-volume architecture offers panoramic views of the sea and the mountains from every angle.


Immersed in the landscape


Inspired by the territory


Reflecting the space


Void and solid. Light and heavy


Capturing new perspectives


the architecture

The five residences range from 1045 to 1385 square meters in size and are spread across four levels: basement, ground floor, first floor and an accessible rooftop. The ground floor is intentionally lower to enhance the experience of stepping into a private garden that sits harmoniously within the beautiful landscape. In a decorative nod to Karl Lagerfeld, the mix of black-and-white terrazzo and wood flows seamlessly from the outdoors into the interior, bringing concepts of inclusiveness and dualism to the ground floor level. Each property features a generous private garden and sensational laguna pool linked to a private swimming pool. Each villa is accessible through a pedestrian entrance, reachable by a path dotted with pomegranate trees, in addition to a road-level, private driveway that leads directly into the basement with the parking lots.


Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s distinct design aesthetic, the residences will feature an outside-in approach that plays with unique shapes and functions.

The day area’s glazed windows frame beautiful views of the private grounds, with flourishing green trees and serene azure pools. A double-height space links the open-plan living area to the upper floor, and bathes both levels in abundant light. Between the spaces, a geometrically shaped staircase shimmers in brushed steel panels, acting as the nucleus of the villa.

The bedrooms — including options for a primary suite, guest rooms and children’s rooms — nestle in a quiet sanctuary below the ground floor, and each opens to the outdoors. The ancillary spaces, such as a gym, spa and family areas, are tucked into the basement level.

KARL LAGERFELD will develop iconic pieces and furniture options that will offer the opportunity for a more immersive experience.


In line with the signature KARL LAGERFELD aesthetic, the fit-out interventions are realized exclusively from brushed steel panels, black and white terrazzo marble, and dark wood.
Playing with shadow, reflections, light, and color, the project uses a reflective, synthetic ceramic material finished with white gold dust. It is polished and semi-reflective and, when combined with the wood, offers an overall elevated look to the modern design. These materials take on a new value in this context and lend an abstract character to the interior.
A lounge area features a custom bookcase — designed as a tribute to Karl’s love of books — made from recycled wood panels. The steel furniture and fixtures are welded and have no screw connections, further enhancing the objects’ abstract nature.
Outside each villa, landscape architects have mixed colors and scents, inspired by the gardens Karl Lagerfeld loved.

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